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Holistic Approach to Communication Training

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The Holistic Communication Training Program examines and applies management communication strategies to problems and issues of organizational leadership. The approach of Studio Trevisani is based on scientific research and integrates:

  • communication research principles, as scientific grounding of the program
  • verbal, non verbal and paralinguistic training
  • bio-energetic training and mental training
  • psychodrama and advanced role-playing techniques

Attention is given to communication skills that contribute to abilities to influence others, shape the motivation and the vision of the self in groups and in organizations. The focus of the training is on the competencies necessary to transform personal communication  style through the integration of self-consciousness work (work on the self), psycholinguistic, semiotics, bioenergetics and aility in interpersonal communication.

The learning model for the training program is based upon experiential learning theory (Trevisani, 2003). The approach combines rigorous conceptual knowledge with opportunities to practice and apply observable behaviors in micro-interactions involving communication "on the field" in real and simulated situations.

Areas of the Training are combined into a Training Program according to the specific needs of top managers and CEOs.

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  • Main locations: European Countries. Milan, Ferrara (Italy).

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